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Illinois prison guard suspected of workers’ comp fraud

Since 2008, prison guard Lance Fancher has successfully filed four workers’ compensation claims and received a total of $135,795 from the state of Illinois.

Last December, Fancher filed with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for his fifth workers’ compensation claim. Fancher’s latest claim is related to supposed injuries sustained in an October 13 inmate fight that he and other guards attempted to stop. Two separate medical examinations following the altercation showed that Fancher sustained no injuries.

Accordingly, this raised suspicions and prompted Illinois Department of Corrections officials to launch an investigation on Fancher’s claims. Chicago workers’ compensation attorney, Gene Keefe, said that claims like these just cause the taxpayers to suffer and that “it’s the quiet scandal that no one knows about.”

Whether Fancher’s claims are truthful or not, some people do end up with real workplace injuries. If you are living in Illinois and are unfortunately injured at work, our attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call our offices at 217-328-2828.