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Three Vehicle Crash on I-74

Illinois State Police Troopers reported to the scene of an accident on Interstate 74 eastbound near milepost 194. According to their report, a black car was passing vehicles in the left lane entering the construction zone near mile marker 194. As it merged into the right lane, the black car cut off a Chevy Cobalt. The driver of the Chevy Cobalt was a Champaign man who was forced to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision. When the Champaign man slammed on his brakes, it caused a chain reaction. A Ford Expedition was not able to stop in time and crashed into a motorcycle that was driving in between the Cobalt and the Expedition. The motorcycle, which was being driven by a 63-year-old man from Urbana then hit the Chevy Cobalt and ultimately came to rest on the right shoulder. He was taken to the hospital with serious non-life threatening injuries. Neither drivers of the Chevy Cobalt of the Ford Expedition suffered any injuries.

The condition of the driver of the black car is still unknown and Illinois State Police are working to find the driver. They have since posted to Facebook asking the public to help in identifying the car and driver. Witnesses at the scene said the black car looked to have a body style similar to that of a Ford Fusion and had tinted windows. Anyone with information about the vehicle causing the crash is asked to call 217-867-2050 and leave a message as the number isn’t constantly monitored.

It is imperative to drive with caution and to always be aware and considerate of other drivers around you, especially in construction zones where extra dangers exist. This time of year brings increased road construction which means the roads that we are used to traveling require increased attention and precaution. Even if you are in a rush, it is important to follow the rules of the road, drive with caution, and respect the other vehicles around you.

These types of crashes and the injuries that come along with them are completely avoidable which can add to the frustration when you are a victim in these situations. It is important to know that you do have rights and are likely owed compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The skilled personal injury attorneys at Spiros Law can step in to fight on your behalf. We are here to stand up for our clients so they are able to focus on their recovery while we work hard to make sure they get the compensation they are owed. You can call our Champaign office at (217) 328-2828 to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys. We offer free initial consultations so we can review the specific details of your situation and discuss what we think would be in your best interest. At Spiros Law, we fight so you can focus on what matters, your recovery.