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National CleanUp Day 2019

The third annual National CleanUp Day is being held on September 21, 2019 with hopes of attracting close to three million volunteers. In the previous year, the national holiday saw almost two million volunteers devote time to picking up litter in their communities. The nonprofit organization centers their holiday around the question of: “What would happen if everyone picked up at least one piece of litter on National CleanUp Day?” National CleanUp Day is a day where people from all over the country join forces to clean up our beaches, parks, trails, mountains and open spaces to restore its natural beauty. To get involved, you can easily sign up for a cleanup event by finding one in your local area or there are steps you can take to start your own cleanup event and attract volunteers.

National CleanUp Day partners with other organizations, such as Earth Day Network, National Parks Conservation Association, Waterkeeper Alliance, Keep America Beautiful, among a few others. Additionally, National CleanUp Day is held in conjunction with World CleanUp Day, which is essentially the same holiday but is spread worldwide. World CleanUp Day consists of approximately 170 countries and millions of participants collecting litter and attempting to keep their communities and natural landscape free of trash. National CleanUp Day has devoted its time and energy to passionately advocating for litter reduction outdoors and encourages others to get involved and make a difference.

The guiding principles involved with this holiday include:

Vision: A national network of the outdoors, community spaces, and pristine wild places.

Mission: National CleanUp Day promotes harmony with the natural outdoors by encouraging participation and providing ways to support a clean outdoors.

Values: Respecting the quality of life that derives from exposure to the outdoors and keeping it the way that Mother Nature intended.

Hosted on the third Saturday every September, National CleanUp Day will consist of cleanups being held in all 50 states within rural and urban communities. The holiday was founded to rally and motivate volunteers to better our environment by collaborating to improve the outdoors. Its purpose is to promote a clean outdoors for everyone and to create a call to action to shed light on the necessity of beautifying areas that are currently littered with trash.

Within our local community, Spiros Law, P.C. hosts adopt-a-highway cleanup in both Champaign and Danville. Each spring and summer, the staff will go out every few weeks and clean up trash and litter along a designated stretch of road. In Champaign, the route is along Neil St. between Springfield & Bradley and the Danville route is along N. Vermillion between Winter and Boiling Springs.