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Elder Rape Reported at a Peoria Nursing Home

A Peoria nursing home, Generations at Peoria, is responding to allegations that someone raped a resident in their care. According to a police report, the incident occurred back in  August of 2019 and it was a CNA who alerted superiors to an alleged sexual assault. The CNA who reported the alleged sexual assault stated that she put an elderly woman to bed around 6:45 pm and that when she returned two hours later for a routine check, she first noticed that the bed was askew and in a different position than it normally is. As she approached the resident, she found the woman’s underwear at her ankles, her hair disheveled, markings along her groin, hair on her body that didn’t belong to her and she described the resident as terrified. The CNA reported the incident to her superiors who then turned over to local police. The resident was then taken to the hospital where a rape kit was performed. Results from the rape kit showed fluid was found inside the woman. As part of the investigation, the DNA of two male employees and another male resident was collected. It has not yet been reported if the DNA collected from the woman was linked to either of the employees or the resident who were tested in connection. In a statement given by the resident, she said, “I was asleep and woke up to a man on top of me having sex with me. I sort of pushed the man, but he continued to have sex with me in my private parts. I have seen this man before, but cannot remember who he is.”

The nursing home, Generations at Peoria, have not commented on the specifics of the incident but are saying that their staff followed and appropriately executed all protocols and procedures in responding to the allegation which included notifying the local police and the Department of Public Health. The facility is also vigorously contesting the rape allegations and the litigation is still pending. While the situation is still being investigated, the Illinois Department of Public Health has issued a fine of $25,000 for failure to “ensure a resident was free from abuse and sexual assault.”

These situations, while disturbing, are unfortunately not all that uncommon. Sexual abuse and assault are some of the many forms of nursing home abuse and neglect that occur far too often. It is horrible when these types of situations occur, especially when you are entrusting your loved one’s wellbeing to a facility who is supposed to be providing the much-needed care and supervision that becomes too overwhelming for a family to give. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure justice is served and to help ensure that rules and regulations are properly enforced which can help make sure these types of situations do not happen again. If you have been involved in a situation involving nursing home abuse or neglect, contact the skilled legal team at Spiros Law to discuss your unique situation.