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Can I get help paying my medical bills?

Many people who are hurt in accidents require immediate medical care, and a significant number of them will also need additional rehabilitative treatment to fully recover. Medical expenses often include immediate treatment, surgical costs, prescription drugs, and other expenses. All this treatment usually comes at a very steep price, and, as a result, people often struggle under the weight of their medical bills after an accident.

When you hire an injury lawyer to represent you, they will be able to help ensure that you can continue to get the treatment you need. In some cases, the attorney may be able to negotiate a favorable payment plan or arrive at some other agreement with a care provider that allows for payment when a settlement or judgment is expected.

A lawyer could also review your case to see if you possibly qualify for any assistance from the state or federal government. Another benefit of an attorney is that they can deal with debt collectors relating to medical bills for you and negotiate possible agreements to those issues. A lawyer might also be able to get some of your medical bills reduced. Perhaps most importantly, an attorney is going to fight to make sure that any settlement you obtain is sufficient for covering all of your medical bills.

Many insurance companies might quickly offer settlements that cover only the existing medical bills but provide nothing in terms of future care. A lawyer will be able to work with your doctors or other care providers to get an accurate assessment of all the future costs you’ll incur and make sure that any settlement accounts for them. If you are concerned about your inability to pay your medical bills, you should know that you likely will not be facing any jail time for failure to pay your bills. Courts can order that other civil actions be imposed in some cases, such as wage garnishment.

You can avoid many negative consequences by having an attorney on your side. Medical bills are some of the most common kinds of economic damages sought in personal injury cases. Unfortunately, insurance companies will usually find any reason possible to claim that they are not responsible for them.

One of the more common claims relates to alleged pre-existing conditions, which insurers will claim that they are not responsible for treating. A lawyer will show that your injuries were caused by the accident and will make sure that the at-fault party’s insurance company does the right thing by paying you for the harm and losses you’ve suffered.

Ultimately, hiring an attorney will help give you the peace of mind you need while you focus on getting back on your feet after the accident. If you’re unsure of how to pay for your treatment during the injury claims process, your lawyer will help you figure out how to continue getting the care you need, while working to secure the maximum compensation possible to reduce the financial stress and strain on you and your family.

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