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Champaign Stair Collapse Lawyers

We expect stairs and staircases to withstand years of use. They should be constructed to sustain the weight of many people for long periods of time, but sometimes they prove inadequate. On the large scale, collapsed staircases can easily cause serious injuries or even death for dozens of people. The vast majority of stair collapse injuries are preventable, however, by taking simple steps to notice and repair damage.

Causes of Stair Collapse

Stair collapse injuries are almost always preventable. By examining staircases for structural defects and taking the necessary steps to warn visitors and repair the damage, property owners can prevent serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. Depending on the construction of the stairs in question, causes of collapse can include:

  • Over-burdened staircases
  • Weakened metal or concrete reinforcement
  • Termite damage to wooden staircases
  • Faulty joints or welds
  • Extensive rusting
  • Water damage

Every property owner is responsible for ensuring their property does not pose undue risks to the public. If you have been harmed by a property owner who failed to meet this responsibility, our Champaign stair collapse attorneys can help you pursue justice.

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If you or someone you love have been seriously injured because of someone’s negligence in preventing stair collapse, you are entitled to seek compensation for your losses and suffering. To learn more, discuss your case with an experienced Champaign stair collapse lawyer today by contacting the offices of Spiros Law, P.C. at 217-328-2828.