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Nursing home abuse lawsuit alleges poor care

A nursing home abuse lawsuit was filed in Illinois that alleged abuse and poor care. The woman claims that her nursing home did not provide the medical care that was needed when she was suffering from abdominal pain. The woman said that she complained of pain and that they did not transport her to the… Read More

Legislature passes bill allowing raise in taxes for nursing home safety reform

State lawmakers have announced that they have passed a bill that will hike taxes currently levied on nursing homes in order to raise money for safety reform. After raising the estimated $145 million, the government health care will match the amount with money collected for Medicaid. Nursing home executives have said that the funds will… Read More

Investigation underway for abuse accusation at Illnois nursing home

The Illinois Department of Health is currently investigating a complaint that was filed against the employee at an Illinois nursing home. Many details of the case were not released because the investigation is still underway, but it is known that the complaint is against certified nursing assistant over committing some type of sexual abuse against… Read More

State investigating nursing home for negligent care

A nursing home in Illinois is being investigated by officials after claims of negligent care when a resident was injured while a nurse was moving her. As a rule at the nursing home, which is made clear by signs posted throughout the facility, two nurses must be available to move a resident. Therefore, no one… Read More

Champaign nursing home under investigation

A nursing home in Champaign County is being investigated after a patient fall that later resulted in her death. The findings of the investigation have resulted in $50,000 in fines against the nursing home and loss of Medicaid and Medicare funding. The nursing home is contesting the current findings. According to officials at the nursing… Read More