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$2 million bond for trucker who broke car windows with slingshot

Kevin Lee Casey, 53, was arrested after a vandalism spree that began in March. The truck driver had been repeatedly breaking car windows using metal ball bearings and a slingshot as he drove down Interstate 74. The crimes occurred in many counties, including Champaign County.

He was caught in the act by Illinois State Police on June 1. Police had already identified him via his license plate number, obtained through video, and had been preparing to serve a search warrant.

One of his victims was a 3-year-old child who was left with glass embedded in his face after his window shattered. Casey’s charges will therefore include aggravated battery to a child, in addition to aggravated battery in a public place. Past convictions include domestic battery and sexual assault of a child, so the judge set him a high $2 million bond.

This is a developing story. Continue to check this blog for updates, or read more at the News-Gazette.