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Champaign Medication Error Lawyers

Medication errors occur when one person is either not given a medication they need, given the wrong medication, or given a medicine they do not need. Although in many cases the effects of a single error go unnoticed, they can cause serious medical problems or even sudden death. The risks are especially great for people who already take numerous medications and are physically weak, such as many people living in nursing homes.

Some medications are just inherently dangerous. Opiates and other powerful pain medications can make chronic pain bearable, leading to a happier life, but people who regularly take powerful pain medications also have high tolerances to them. The same dose of the same medication could be fatal for someone whose body is not accustomed to it. The same applies to numerous other categories of medication as well, but painkillers are a common cause of tragedy.

Drug interactions are also a serious risk, especially for people who take multiple medications. Some medications that are capable of causing damage to an organ are safe, but deadly when combined with a medication that affects the same organ. For example, a medication that increases blood pressure is acceptable for someone who does not have high blood pressure. With a single mistake, the same drug could trigger a stroke or heart attack in someone more vulnerable.

For these reasons, nursing homes and other healthcare providers have a responsibility to ensure they give the right medications to the right people. Not doing so can put lives at risk. If you or someone you love have suffered considerably after being given the wrong medication in a nursing home or other care facility, you are entitled to take legal action against the people responsible.

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