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Spiros Law Firm

Thank you and your team for the wonderful work you have done on behalf of my Mother. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for all you have accomplished. You took worry and turned it to comfort. You took the darkest of days and made them bright again. Your professionalism and expertise can’t be overstated – that seems impossible. From the moment we entered your office we were treated like one of your own and will forever be appreciative of that. You should take great pride in the way you approach your work every day. You have restored some of my faith in humanity through your kindness, thoughtfulness and attention to detail.


I had a dispute with my insurance company regarding coverage. Spiros Law, and specifically the attorney that worked the case Matthew Duco, helped me get a settlement that will allow me to repair my car. I recommend Spiros Law if you need a good attorney!


David Stage

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I hired Spiroslaw after I was in a very severe car accident and easily could have lost my life. Thanks to their hard work and dedication to my case, I now have all my medical bills paid that were near a $100,000, and money to help recover my lingering injuries. I highly recommend them.


Noah Browne

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They are the best! If I had any questions or problems they always addressed then as soon as possible.


Shawn King

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I truly am beyond thankful for the careful thought and detail that was put into my case from day one! Jim and Matt were attentive, dedicated and invested the entire time and made sure I was taken care of. I can’t thank you enough for advocating for me and my case like it were your own. I feel a positive sense of closure to such a hard time in my life- THANK YOU. I would absolutely recommend you and your whole staff as #1 in the whole area!!!!


Jenna Gustafson

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We worked with Miranda Soucie and she was great! Very helpful and always quick to answer any questions we had along the way. Would definitely recommend her.


Chrissy Herschberger

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Dear Mr. Spiros:
Thank you for your efforts in my mother’s personal injury case. Patricia Gifford was very diligent, always helpful when I had questions, and kept me informed throughout the process. My mother and I were very pleased with the outcome. We will not hesitate to recommend your firm to others.


Norm Fisher

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It was my first time to have an attorney, and I am so thankful that I chose this place. Very swift reply every time I asked some questions, and most importantly they are so good with their job. Thank you!


Jung Hyun Park

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My family and I are very satisfied with Spiros Law. The team provides legal services distinguished by professionalism, care and a passion for advocating for the interests of clients.


Konstantinos Yfantis

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Thank you for all your help in settling our matter a couple of months ago. Your professionalism and promptness was very much appreciated. Thanks again!


Ryan Anderson

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Andrew did an excellent job on my case when I was in a car accident last year. I was injured and couldn’t drive to meet with him so he came to me and always kept me in the loop with what was going on. He is very professional, responsive, and made things as easy for me as possible. I would highly recommend him!



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He was a fantastic guy. If I had any questions he answered them first away. I got a bigger settlement than I thought I possible. Plus any conversations I had with him, he never seemed like he would rather be doing something else. He took the time to help answer my questions.



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Sandy has handled 3 cases for me. She has not let me down, I’m very satisfied with the work she has done.
One case involved an injury that was a result of a prior injury, a fractured wrist. A tendon snapped. The Insurance company ignored me, then Sandy got involved and straightened it all out .
Don’t hesitate if you have an injury, get in touch with Sandy Loeb today


Bill W.

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Ms. Loeb listened and addressed my concerns at the consultation, evaluating the situation with professionalism and a friendly manner. My case was resolved to my satisfaction in a short period of time.



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James Spiros was a very trusting, compassionate lawyer who works diligently to get what he can for his clients. My husband & I were very impressed by his knowledge and enjoyed working with him & his secretary, Jennifer, to the final day. The results were amazing!!!



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I hired Mr. Spiros after I was in a very severe car accident and easily could have lost my life. Thanks to his hard work and dedication to my case, I now have all my medical bills paid that were near a $100,000, and money to help recover my lingering injuries. I highly recommend him.



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Miranda took my case even though it was a difficult one and she never gave up on me. Settled my case and got those medical bills paid! Hope I never need her again but if I do I won’t hesitate to call her!



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From the first consultation I had with Miranda I felt I had the right person to take on my case.

From the first consultation I had with Miranda I felt I had the right person to take on my case. Every time I met with Miranda or had a phone conversation with her the first thing she would ask was how I was doing and make sure if their was anything she could do for me. I felt during this whole process she made this case very personal to her. Miranda always made me feel that this settlement would be about taking care of my needs for the future. Miranda was always asking about my wife, kids and grandchildren. I felt I was talking to a good friend and not an attorney. On the final day when I met with her with the settlement, once again Miranda made the time to ask how I was doing and what my plans were for the future. It was a very emotional meeting for me and I felt that I had gained a very good friend. Miranda made this settlement totally about taking care my needs for the future and I am so thankful to her for everything she has done.



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First and foremost, thank you! This has been a journey we have gotten through because of you. Your dedication, knowledge, drive, and perseverance has gotten us through the hardest time in our lives. Thank you for listening to our story and working so hard over the years for a resolution.


Not only do I have a damn good attorney, I have a great friend too.

Dear Jim,
This long over due thank you is for all your advice and support concerning my car accident settlement. It was a pleasure working with you, thank you for taking my case. Not only do I have a damn good attorney, I have a great friend too.
With love and appreciation,


We feel blessed to have had Jim Spiros on our team.

James Spiros was sought out for his expertise in dealing with injury cases involving Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). When Jim joined the case, we were about 4 years into the suit. Jim added focus, a deep understanding of the complexities of CRPS, and years of experience in successfully settling such cases.

From the start, Jim was extremely professional, open and honest, and very attentive to our needs and desires. Jim is an excellent communicator and was always available to provide quick and insightful responses to our questions, concerns, etc. It didn’t take long for Jim and his team to earn our total trust.

Jim was able to quickly come up to speed on this very complex case, involving approximately 25-30 doctors and multiple hospitalizations in 4 different states. Under Jim’s leadership … the case was successfully mediated. We were extremely happy with Jim’s dedication to keeping our best interests in constant focus. We feel blessed to have had Jim Spiros on our team.


I am forever grateful and forever a client.

Dear Mr. Spiros,
First of all I would like to thank you for the closure you have given me. Although knowing I would give anything to have my father back he did not die in vain. I am forever grateful and forever a client and I look to you as a friend. Your law firm did not stop until you got the best results possible and I could have not done it without your firm. Your team is awesome.


Dear Mr. Spiros,
Thank you for your help in settling Ross’ case. Your careful attention and hard work were very much appreciated. It has been our pleasure working with you and your staff and we’ll definitely recommend your service to anyone in need. Sincerely,

E. M. & T.M.

You were valiant and my hero – we won today!

Dear Jim –
No matter what the jury decides – I now have peace – it was not about the money – it was about what was right – the principle of goodness prevailed –you were valiant – and my hero – we won today!
That will never change –

Much love always

D. & J.

I never could have made it without your help! It was by far the hardest time of my life!! Thank you!

S. N.

Dear James,

Thank you for your dedication to our cause. I am pleased by the outcome of the settlement and I welcome the closure it brings to my family. The professional and caring manner in which you represented Matthew’s Estate is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Jim.

N. K.

Jim, on the behalf of Don and myself Debbie, we would like to thank-you for your care and time, you have put into my case … we appreciate, all that you have done …

God bless and thank-you once again …


D. and D.

Mr. Spiros

Thanks for your help with my workman’s comp. claim.

Pollas K.

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J. & family,

Thanks again for all your hard work. Words could never express how grateful we are. Thank you.

I., T. & M.D. & J.

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I want to thank R.B. For introducing us to Miranda Soucie. She was a professional and efficient and made me feel like she cared about me and my case. My husband and I are grateful for her diligence in getting me a settlement.

– G. R.