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Elderly Woman Found Dead at Champaign County Nursing Home

The Champaign County Nursing Home experienced the loss of 78-year-old Sonya Kington on June 17. She was found outside in the courtyard in the afternoon and the home is under surveillance and investigation by the Illinois State Police. County Administrator Rick Snider expressed condolences to the family and friends of the resident.

The appointed coroner, Duane Northrup, said that there was no immediate sign of trauma or injuries on the elderly woman, but the full autopsy could take anywhere from two to three months.

The attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. wish to express their sorrow at the loss of a Champaign County resident. Their thoughts are with the family and friends of Kington.

Breaking News: Injuries reported, first-responders on scene of 1-57 crash in Champaign

Robin Scholz/The News-Gazette
Accident on I-57 south about 1/4 mile south of Mattis overpass on Thursday, June 8 , 2017.

Emergency crews are on the scene of an accident that occurred at 4:00 p.m. today on Interstate 57 in Champaign. EMS personnel, firefighters, and state troopers all responded to the accident that is diverting traffic at the Olympian drive exit.

While this story is still developing, authorities report that several people were injured in the crash and some were trapped in their vehicles immediately after the accident. Our thoughts are with the victims of the crash and their families.

To read more about this developing story follow it here at the News-Gazette site.

Spiros attorney Sandra Loeb wins temporary disability appeal on behalf of client in Champaign

This week, partner, Sandra Loeb of Spiros Law helped an injured worker in Champaign recover an additional $13,446.79 in temporary disability benefits in a successful appeal of a worker’s compensation claim. At Spiros Law, our experienced worker’s compensation attorneys believe in helping our clients recover the rightful compensation they deserve even if it means going to trial or filing appeals. We know just how difficult life can be following a workplace injury and we are committed to helping our clients recover from their injuries and move on with their lives.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident and your workers’ compensation claims have been wrongly denied or unfairly limited, contact Sandra and our team of experienced, compassionate attorneys at (217) 328-2828 today.


Mahomet-Seymour student killed in tragic wreck on U.S. 36

A multi-vehicle, chain-reaction accident injured two and killed a Mahomet-Seymour student on Wednesday afternoon. The accident occurred on U.S. 36 east of Tuscola at 4:57 p.m. The victim, junior Jacob Hamilton was the goalkeeper on the varsity soccer team, and was honored in an improptu vigil that night on the school’s soccer field.

Authorities say that a semi-trailer and other vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash, when two crashes that were blocking the roadway caused further issues for drivers heading eastbound. It is also believed that high winds may have blown a significant amount of dust into the air, reducing visibility for the drivers involved in the accident. The other two injured individuals were passengers in the vehicle driven by Jacob Hamiliton, and they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries after the collision. All of the individuals were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim and the other families of the individuals involved in the accident. Read the full story at The News-Gazette and the update here.

International Workers’ Day rally in Champaign

Today, workers participated in a march and rally in Champaign to celebrate International Workers’ Day (also known as Labour Day in some countries) to promote laborers and the working classes. At Spiros Law, we are supporters of all members of our Illinois communities and we appreciate the work and dedication that all workers bring to our state’s industries.  Photos of the event are below (photo credit: K Sutherland):

As farming remains a dangerous career, experts urge the use of ROPS and seatbelts on tractors

This week, The News Gazette released an investigative report on reducing deaths on farms by improving tractor safety. According to studies discussed in the story, farming has experienced significant increases in safety over the past 50 years, improving from 60 to 18 deaths per 100,000, but falls behind similarly dangerous jobs, where recent technology has allowed their mortality rates to reach even lower. In 2015, 11 Illinois residents died while working the land, and as the temperatures become warm, more people are expected to be farming–the time of the year where most of these deaths occur.

However, deadly accidents can be prevented with basic tractor safety, such as the installation of a rollover protection system (ROPS). The systems attained popularity between the ‘70s and ‘80s, and experts say that the system, when paired with a seatbelt, has a nearly 100% rate of effectiveness. On the other end of the spectrum, the likelihood of living through an accident without the protection of ROPS plummets to 20%.

The largest number of rollover accidents occur in farmers over the age of 55, who are often using outdated equipment. Farm safety instructors try to combat this trend by informing children at their schools. Amy Rademaker, a farm safety specialist working for the Carle Center for Rural Health and Farm Safety said, “We often think that kids and younger folks are a way to their parents.”

In teaching a fourth-grade class of more than 200 students, Rademaker found a large discrepancy in children who wear seatbelts in a car and those who wear seatbelts in a tractor. It’s a common belief that a tractor accident would be less dangerous, due to their slow speeds, but a critical point between a rollover accident and safety can happen before anyone would be able to react. Rademaker would like to see wearing a seatbelt in a tractor become as critical as wearing one in a car.

David Newcomb, a farm worker himself and the manager of the Illinois fire Institute’s Ag Rescue Program, teaches firefighters how to respond to farming injuries. He says that there are several reasons a farmer may get into a deadly accident, even with ROPS installed, one of those reasons being that the system can be folded to fit into small spaces and just never get unfolded. He urges farmers to take care of themselves this season.

The team at Spiros Law know all too well the dangers of farm equipment and the serious accidents that can occur when a tractor is involved in an accident. If you or a loved on has been hurt in a tractor accident, we know that speaking to a lawyer may be the last thing on your mind, but keep in mind we are here to help relieve you of the burdens that you may be facing. Contact a compassionate, experienced attorney at Spiros Law to let us fight for the compensation you deserve if you were hurt in an accident.

Spiros Law in the Community: Illinois Marathon Runners!

Illinois MarathonCongratulations to the following members of the Spiros Law team who competed in races at the Illinois Marathon this past weekend. We’re proud of you and your achievements!

Sandy Loeb- Half
Bill Schmitz- Half
Matt Duco- 10K

We are proud of Sandy, Bill, and Matt, and the entire Spiros team was proud to be a sponsor of such a great event!

Illinois Marathon

Watch Now: Miranda Soucie discusses the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race App presented by Spiros Law

Spiros Law attorney Miranda Soucie was featured on The Morning Show today, a visit in which she discussed the Illinois Marathon Race App that is being sponsored by the law firm. This app will allow friends and family to track their favorite runner along the course as well as provides a course map and other valuable information! Click the link below to watch Miranda on the news and download the app before this weekend’s race!

Miranda on the Morning Show

Spiros App

Spiros Law team sponsors Illinois Marathon app and will participate in Presence Illinois 5k

Spiros AppThis week, elite athletes and casual runners will hit the course in Champaign-Urbana for the Illinois Marathon. This year, the team at Spiros Law, P.C. are proud sponsors of the Illinois Marathon mobile race app! This free mobile app features maps of the course, race info, and live-tracking so you can follow your family and friends as they complete the race. Tune in to WCIA  on Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. to hear our own Miranda Soucie discuss the mobile app.

In addition to sponsoring the marathon’s app, members of the Spiros team will be participating in the Presence Illinois 5k Run/Walk on Friday, April 21st.  We are proud to run and walk alongside our friends and family in the community and we encourage you to come join us this week!

Click here to download the mobile app and follow your favorite runners through the race.

Governor Rauner proposes measures seeking to improve business

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner recently presented proposed amendments to the state’s workers’ compensation system that aim to “rebalance the fee schedule to find savings while protecting access to quality care and still compensating providers fairly.”

This has spurred the state House of Representatives Democratic Caucus to draft specific resolutions to make this possible. “While we are not proposing to reduce benefit levels, we have asked lawmakers to address circumstances for which the system was not designed,” Rauner said.

In line with this, legislators pushed forward a measure that seeks to bestow the Illinois Department of Insurance the authority to assess insurance rates before they are implemented and reject rates the agency finds unreasonable. This reform is already implemented in 25 other states, including Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, injuries that qualify for compensation occur at a rate of 2,883 per 100,000 workers in Illinois, which is lower than the national average of 3,279 per 100,000 workers. This rate is much lower than the rate of Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.

Contact our Champaign-Urbana workers’ compensation lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C. by calling our offices today at (217) 328-2828 if you were injured in a workplace accident and you need legal help with filing a workers’ compensation claim.