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Two Injured in Semi-truck Crash Near Tolono, Illinois

On Tuesday, March 9th, two people were left injured after a tire ruptured on a southbound traveling truck. The driver of the southbound truck was traveling on I-57 near Tolono, Illinois when the front right steer tire broke, causing him to lose control and roll over, spilling some of the contents of its trailer. Both the driver and passenger of the semi-truck were taken to the hospital, one suffering serious but not life-threatening injuries. An additional semi-truck traveling northbound encountered a metal box that had been spilled from the wreckage. Luckily, this driver was left uninjured.

Semi-trucks typically travel on interstate highways where the speed limit is higher than other main roads. Traveling at higher speeds means that crashes are more likely to cause serious injury, especially with larger vehicles such as semi-trucks. When operating a larger vehicle, it is vital to understand the safety precautions to take:

  • Perform necessary safety checks on your vehicle before starting a new trip. Some important items to check include tire pressure, tire condition, mirrors, and general maintenance such as oil, brakes, and gas. Especially when operating a semi-truck, having all wheels properly functioning can be the difference between a safe and unsafe trip.
  • Check weather conditions. Knowing the weather conditions before traveling is imperative to the safety of you and those traveling near you.
  • Travel at the appropriate speed for your vehicle. Although the posted speed limit may be higher, when driving a larger vehicle such as a truck or semi-truck, it is important to drive 5-10 miles per hour under. This change in pace can allow for a cushion when encountering unfavorable driving conditions. Due to the weight increase of a semi-truck, the required time to stop is longer than the average vehicle.
  • Have clear visibility. Maintaining clear visibility entails having fully functional mirrors and fully functional windshield wipers. Clear visibility is a must when traveling long distances at a high speed.

Operating a larger vehicle can be dangerous if not controlled properly as there are many dangers on the road, especially for heavy vehicles traveling at a high speed on an interstate highway. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a crash at the fault of a truck or semi-truck driver and is enduring serious injuries, it is imperative that you receive medical attention immediately. After tending to any injuries you may have sustained physically, you may be left feeling lost on what your next steps should be. Considering the costs associated with medical bills and insurance claims after an accident, it may be beneficial to contact someone who understands the legal proceedings surrounding semi-truck crashes. The semi-truck crash lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C. are intelligent attorneys willing to fight day and night to get you the justice you deserve. Call (217) 328-2828 to set up your free consultation today.