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Spiros Law, P.C. and Levin & Perconti Obtain a Record $40 Million Verdict for Family in a Birth Injury Case

Coles County Jury Took Less Than Three Hours to Return the Largest Medical Malpractice Verdict in Illinois History Outside of Cook County. Chicago, Ill. (March 27, 2023) — A jury in Coles County, Illinois awarded a 19-year-old disabled teen and her parents $40 million last Thursday for birth injuries suffered during childbirth. This is the… Read More

Billion-Dollar Spinal Surgery Scam Exposed

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is a common reality for many people across the United States. For those lucky enough to have not been affected, medical malpractice is a legal issue that occurs when a medical or health care provider strays from their normal course of action causing injury to their patient. A recent article details how… Read More

Hospitals fail to give women proper treatment in childbirth

A report by USA Today has found that the United States is the most dangerous country in the world to give birth in. 50,000 women are injured every year as a result of complications of childbirth, while another 700 die. The rate in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, is a third of ours.… Read More

Bobby Jenks facing serious back issue from possible doctor error

Representatives for Bobby Jenks, pitcher for the Red Sox, are discussing whether or not he will take legal action against doctors after an error occurred while he was in surgery in December. Jenks recently told reporters that the he went into surgery at Mass. General on Dec. 12 in order to remove two back spurts.… Read More

Appellate court upholds $29 million medical malpractice verdict

A federal appeals court has upheld a medical malpractice verdict that awarded a Gurnee boy $29 million after suffering from brain damage. The lawsuit stated that government-employed doctors were guilty of negligence with their neonatal and obstetric care and the boy was awarded $29.1 million. The decision was then taken to an appeals court where… Read More

Man sues hospital, surgeon after going blind in surgery

A man is suing a spinal surgeon and the Trinity  Regional Health System in a medical malpractice lawsuit after losing his sight in a surgical procedure. The incident occurred in May 2010 when the man went into the hospital for lumbar spine surgery in order to have bone fragments removed. According to the patient, he… Read More

Board approves $16.2 million medical malpractice settlement

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees has agreed to a settlement over a medical malpractice claim that was filed by a man that suffered a brain injury while under the care of the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center. The man, a former police officer, sustained a brain stem herniation after the hospital… Read More

Illinois hospital and five doctors sued in medical malpractice

A hospital in Glenbrook, Illinois and five of its doctors are being sued in a medical malpractice case by a victim’s family after the death of their family member. A 56-year-old man went to the hospital after developing an infection in his hip, but after he underwent surgery for the infection, he suffered from kidney… Read More

Court denies tax exemption for Urbana hospital

The Illinois Supreme Court upheld an Appellate Court decision that the Provena Covenant Medical Center in Urbana did not provide enough free care to qualify for a charitable tax exemption on it’s property taxes. Illinois laws allow hospitals that provide free health care services to write off large amounts of property taxes in exchange for… Read More

Illinois Supreme Court: Caps on Malpractice Suits Unconstitutional

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that a 2005 law limiting the amount that can be awarded in medical malpractice cases is unconstitutional. The court ruled that the legislation, passed by the state legislature five years ago, took away from the discretion and power of the courts. Not surprisingly, doctors’ interest groups were quick to… Read More