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Hospitals fail to give women proper treatment in childbirth

A report by USA Today has found that the United States is the most dangerous country in the world to give birth in. 50,000 women are injured every year as a result of complications of childbirth, while another 700 die. The rate in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, is a third of ours.

For a variety of reasons outlined in the report, hospitals and healthcare professionals choose not to use treatments and techniques that are proven to save mothers’ lives. Nearly a decade ago, researchers began compiling standards of treatment and best practices for childbirth. The Aim Program created formal “safety bundles” in 2014 which gave exact specifications for hospitals and doctors.

It is unknown how many hospitals follow these standards, but a concerningly high proportion do not. Half the hospitals asked by the USA Today reporters declined to answer whether they follow the Aim standards. The numbers that were available, however, suggest that half of women who experience emergency situations during childbirth do not get the treatment they need.

The Aim program gives recommendations for many of the common causes of injury and death during childbirth. This includes high blood pressure, which causes seizures and strokes, and internal bleeding. Nearly half of the injuries during childbirth were preventable with proper treatment, but currently many women are forced into emergency hysterectomies or even die.

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