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Apellate Court ruled fired employee still entitled to workers’ comp

The Appellate Court of Illinois ruled that Walter Matuszczak, a former Wal-Mart Stores Inc. night stocker who injured his neck, back, and arm after several shelves of glass cleaner fell on top of him while he was at work back in March 2010, is entitled to the remainder of his temporary total disability benefits despite soon after being fired for stealing, Business Insurance reported on October 6.

According to the ruling, Matuszczak was fired by his employer in an incident unrelated to his injury. The real question, then, should be whether or not his injury had improved before he was discharged. Ultimately, the case was ruled in Matuszczak’s favor.

Workers’ compensation benefits can go a long way towards financially assisting workers who have been injured while on the job. If you need help filing for workers’ compensation benefits or you need help appealing your claim, contact the attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C., in Champaign, Illinois by calling (217) 328-2828 today.