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Head trauma can create some terrifying scenarios in which a person no longer resembles his or her former self. For some, this challenge to one’s identity can occur due to lost memories. For others, the loss of basic cognitive functions causes permanent lifestyle changes. Depending on the severity of the injury and the area of the trauma, injured individuals may even lose the ability to communicate.

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Forms of Aphasia

Aphasia is the umbrella term used to describe brain damage that results in the loss of language skills from brain damage. This can include the abilities of both speaking and comprehending language, making the disorder particularly frustrating and detrimental to basic social interaction. Like most forms of brain damage, the specific location of the injury largely determines what language skills are weakened or lost altogether.

Types of aphasia include:

  • Broca’s aphasia, in which creating language is difficult
  • Wernicke’s aphasia, in which comprehending language is difficult
  • Pure aphasia, in which reading and writing is difficult
  • Global aphasia, in which all language skills may become lessened

The cost of aphasia can be particularly high for those who have to live with this condition. Although there are some therapeutic treatments available, injured individuals who have suffered substantial brain damage may only see mild improvements in their language skills, making certain professional goals difficult to achieve as well as making personal relationships considerably more strenuous.

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