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Daycare Abuse

Many believe it is best for a young child to spend as much time as possible with its parents, the unfortunate reality is that most American couples have to be in the workplace. While some countries offer paternity and maternity leave to new parents, American parents often need to send their children to daycare centers during the day. Since daycare centers can have such an enormous impact on a child’s wellbeing, the effects of daycare abuse can be tremendous.

We trust daycare centers to take good care of our children while we’re away at work. Daycare providers undergo licensing and training to make sure they’re qualified and able to care for the dozens of children that might be at a given center at one time—including techniques for making sure they stay under control. It can be stressful dealing with that many young children, but physical or emotional abuse is never the solution.

A child’s time at daycare should be an opportunity to socialize with other children and explore the world, but abusive caretakers can have a lasting psychological impact on all of the children at a center. People who have endured abuse, especially at such a delicate age, often experience difficulty with authority figures and their peers later in life.

Children who have been abused at daycare may carry permanent psychological or physical scars with them for the rest of their lives. For that reason, abuse should never be tolerated and abusers should always be brought to justice.

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By taking action now, you can put a stop to daycare abuse and make those responsible atone for their actions. To learn what steps you can take to put an end to daycare abuse, contact the experienced Champaign personal injury lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C. today by calling (217) 328-2828.