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Improperly Stored Chemicals

We encounter many powerful chemicals every day. Among other examples, cleaning products and pool supplies often contain highly toxic substances. Stored properly, dangerous chemicals can be used safely without harming anyone. But if they are stored incorrectly, they may pose a serious health risk to anyone who is exposed to them. The people responsible for storing them correctly can be held responsible for their negligence.

Dangerous chemicals must be labeled and stored according to strict legal guidelines. Even many everyday products, such as ammonia-based cleaners, must be labeled with warnings so that people using them do not accidentally harm themselves. More powerful substances are subject to far stricter guidelines, and the people using them must be made aware of the dangers and what they must do to keep others safe.

In many cases detailed information is printed in large type on the container. For example, any chemical that releases toxic vapors should be stored in airtight containers and kept away from places where people congregate. While some of these rules may seem like common sense, it is not rare for people using these substances to fail to safeguard others. When they do, they should be held accountable.

If you or someone you love has been harmed because of another person’s failure to properly store dangerous substances, you have the right to seek compensation from the people responsible for your medical bills and suffering.

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