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Lead Poisoning

Our bodies require hundreds of different nutrients to function properly. Among these are a number of metals of various kinds, such as the iron that allows our blood to carry oxygen. But certain metals, such as lead and mercury, are toxic and can cause serious health problems. Lead is particularly dangerous because of how widely it is used. There have been countless cases of children falling ill after consuming flakes of lead paint from old houses.

The toxic effects of lead are wide-reaching and profound, but lead poisoning is difficult to detect early on. Initial symptoms of lead poisoning are nonspecific and depend on the individual and the level of exposure, typically taking weeks or months to develop as the metal accumulates in the body. Symptoms often include stomach pain, depression, memory loss, kidney failure, and reproductive problems.

Unlike many toxins, which can be tolerated in small amounts, no amount of bodily lead is safe. Lead has a destructive effect on many bodily processes, and is toxic to numerous organs and tissues. It can cause permanent damage to the heart, nervous system, reproductive system, kidneys bones, and intestines. Perhaps most significantly, it causes extensive damage to a child’s developing nervous system, often forcing a child to endure a lifetime of learning and behavioral disorders.

Lead poisoning can cause serious neurological damage in people of all ages, but children are especially vulnerable. If you suspect lead poisoning may be behind symptoms you, your children, or someone you know have been experiencing, you can put a stop to it now by seeking the help of an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney.

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