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Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

Poor nutrition is a shockingly common problem among Americans over the age of 65, affecting up to 16% of people in that age group. Even more alarming is the fact that nursing home residents are not immune to this problem, and may even be at an increased risk. When nursing home employees fail to identify and address nutritional problems among patients, the results can be tragic.

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Causes of Nursing Home Malnutrition

Residential facilities exist to provide full-time care and attention for those who require it. Despite this, far too many nursing home patients are not having their needs adequately met. There are many reasons that patients may suffer from poor nutrition, including:

  • A lack of varied, nutritious meal and snack options
  • Unaddressed medical problems that make eating difficult or painful
  • Understaffing, which deprives residents of the individualized attention they need
  • Staff members who are uneducated about senior nutritional needs
  • Abuse or neglect that causes residents to become depressed or withdrawn

Malnutrition places nursing home residents at an increased risk for bed sores, infections, and even early death. It is vital for facility administrators to recognize the risk of malnutrition and take steps to prevent it. If they do not, they may be liable for malnutrition-related injuries suffered by their patients.

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