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Neglectful Caretakers

Successfully growing up into a stable, mature adult requires a safe place to return to after venturing into the world. For parents, this means looking after a child’s needs and ensuring his or her well-being. While every child is entitled to a safe environment, not every child gets the safety he or she deserves. Some caretakers do not take adequate care of the children in their care, and their neglect is a form of child abuse.

Child abuse is one of the most damaging experiences anyone can endure, leaving mental and physical scars and making the transition to adulthood that much more difficult. Many people associate child abuse primarily with physical assault, but not all abusive parents strike their children. You can do just as much damage to a child, if not more, through emotional abuse or neglect.

Caretakers, parents or otherwise, are considered neglectful when they fail to take care of their children’s basic needs. In addition to physical needs, neglect can include affect a child’s emotional and educational needs. Children are prone to getting sick, so denial of adequate healthcare can stunt a child’s development. The same is true of a child’s mental development if they are prevented from getting an education. Emotional neglect can lead to personality and emotional disorders later in life.

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If you believe a child’s caretakers are being neglectful, you have the right to take action to prevent further neglect. You may also be able to take direct legal action against the caretakers to stop the abuse. The compassionate Champaign personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly to end abuse and bring the abusers to justice. To discuss your case with a lawyer, contact the law office of Spiros Law today at 217-328-2828.