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Unnecessary Surgery

Thanks to advances in medical science, doctors can perform surgeries to treat conditions that would have been fatal years ago. While these surgical techniques have saved the lives of millions of people, they are only effective if used properly. Sometimes patients receive surgery they do not need, or mistakenly receive the wrong surgery for their condition.

There are many causes of unnecessary surgery. In some cases a doctor misdiagnoses a patient’s condition, requesting surgery that does not treat his or her actual condition. In addition, it is not rare to hear of hospitals confusing two patients’ requested surgeries, leading to both patients receiving procedures they do not need.

Sometimes the results of unnecessary surgery are horrific. For example, patients who have sustained serious damage to one side of a body – an eye or hand, for example – may require removal of the damaged parts. But there have been cases of surgeons mistakenly removing the wrong tissue or organ. A patient with one working eye may go into surgery expecting relief, but leave the operating room blinded.

Unnecessary surgery can severely worsen a patient’s condition. Undergoing surgery, even beneficial surgery, requires recovery time and can temporarily weaken a patient. Beyond simply failing to address the patient’s real problems, unnecessary surgery causes new damage. Combined with the patient’s illness, the impact of unnecessary surgery on a patient’s health can be enormous.

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