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What Is Product Liability?

Every year there are all too many products sold freely in stores that will cause harm in some manner to consumers. For many people who have been injured by badly designed or built products, the only recourse is to pursue a product liability claim. In cases where many people have been harmed by one product, the most efficient course of action may be a class action lawsuit, in which many different plaintiffs work together for justice.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a faulty product, we may be able to help. To discuss your case directly with an experienced Champaign product defect lawyer, contact the law office of Spiros Law, P.C. today at 217-328-2828.

Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

There are actually several different types of product liability lawsuits. If you have suffered physical or financial losses caused by a defective product, you may have grounds for one of the following claims:

  • Negligence claims/strict liability claims: These are claims filed against a company that has produced, designed, or sold a dangerously defective item.
  • Breach of warranty: This is when a statement or claim about a product is made by a manufacturer or seller that turns out to be false.
  • Consumer protection claims: These claims are related to statues that some state governments have enacted for additional consumer protection.

Consumers deserve to feel safe when they purchase a product. If you have been harmed by a negligently produced or marketed item, a business may be liable for your losses. Our Champaign product liability attorneys will work closely with you as you pursue justice.

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If you or someone you love has been injured by a consumer product, contact the Champaign product liability lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C. today at 217-328-2828.