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Lead Contamination in Illinois Water

Aqua Illinois has issued a water advisory for the south suburbs of Illinois due to lead contamination. Residents were made aware of the advisory on Friday evening and since then, have been taking extra precautions to avoid using the contaminated water. Aqua Illinois has announced that it is now safe to consume water in certain areas, including Arbors at Hickory Creek, Fairway Clubs, Pine Woods Court, Governors State University, and areas west of I-57. However, the company still advises residents of these areas to run their tap water for about two minutes before using it. Unfortunately, a Do-Not-Consume advisory remains in effect for the communities of Monee Township and University Park.

An article from CBS Chicago indicates that the advisory has upset and frightened many residents of the impacted areas. This advisory makes daily tasks more difficult to carry out. For example, the advisory requests that residents avoid drinking, cooking, making ice cubes, preparing formula, or using tap water to brush their teeth. Instead, residents are now having to resort to using bottled water in order to circumvent the effects of the contamination. Residents are hopeful that Aqua Illinois will be able to identify a solution as quickly as possible.

To alleviate some of the issues for residents, a representative from Aqua Illinois has reported that the company is offering customers of its service free bottled water and testing kits. In addition, they are actively working with the EPA to identify the areas that are not being impacted by the lead contamination. Aqua Illinois has informed residents that they will be seeing service technicians working in the field to flush out the water system. The company president from Aqua Illinois has stated that customer safety and concern has remained a top priority. To stay up-to-date on information regarding this issue and to give customer feedback, check the website at www.WaterFactsIL.com.

Lead contamination can be dangerous to one’s health and well-being if not properly avoided. To reduce your exposure to lead, one should:

  • Test water for lead
  • Consider using a water filter
  • Regularly clean your faucet’s screen
  • Flush your pipes by running your tap before using water
  • Contact your water system to learn more about sources of lead and removing lead service lines

It is important to remember tips such as these if you suspect your residence’s water has been contaminated by lead, or if there has been an advisory issued in your area. If you or a loved one have been seriously affected from contaminated water that is the result of another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Our attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. are highly skilled and experienced in handling these types of cases. The attorneys here understand and value clients’ concern when it comes to these issues. Contact one of our attorneys to discuss your situation at (217) 328-2828.