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Boeing and Airbus inspect fleets due to fire

The fire that broke out on a Boeing Dreamliner was said to have originated from distress beacons, according to Boeing and Airbus officials. No one was hurt in the fire that took place on an Ethiopian Airlines plane while parked at London’s Heathrow airport on July 12. However, as a result, British officials suggested immobilizing the beacons on Dreamliners.

Although according to Airbus authorities, there were no records indicating a fire taking place caused by beacons, they will further inspect whether there is need to install the device in accordance with the results of the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) investigation.

An AAIB initial report suggests that a thorough inspection of the beacon had shown possible signs of interference on the battery cells. Defective battery wirings have been found on emergency beacons from All Nippon Airways of Japan and United Airlines.

All 787 aircraft were ordered by aviation regulators from the U.S. and Europe to check their Honeywell-made beacons.

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