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Business interest groups frustrated by high cost of workers’ compensation in Illinois

Groups looking out for the interests of businesses said the high cost of workers’ compensation will continue to impede the growth of industry in Illinois, which will reduce state revenue growth.

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Mark Denzler said an Oregon study published in 2014 showed that Illinois employers have been paying $2.35 per $100 of payroll for workers’ compensation, which is higher than the national average of $1.85.

Meanwhile, another organization, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, is of the opinion that the current workers’ compensation system reflects the view that the state treats its employees fairly and has concern for their welfare. ITLA president Christopher Hurley said “We don’t believe in a system that makes it cheap to injure workers. There are special interests that would not want to pay anything for that kind of disability injury. Those people want to take us back to the 1900’s when laborers had no rights and life was cheap.”

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