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Durkin says Illinois Congress can agree on things, starting with workers’ compensation provisions

Monday, February 22, Illinois House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (R) announced at the City Club of Chicago that the workers’ compensation system might be an area where the House and Senate can find “common ground” to get over an impasse that has left the state without a budget for some time now. This conclusion was made after extensive discussions with House Speaker Madigan (D) and Senate President Cullerton (D).

Steve Brown, a spokesman for Madigan, said that recent movements in legislation have affected workers with the approval of a bill in 2015 that focuses on the insurance industry and “[getting] the money to the employers” as a means of enabling the payment of workers’ compensation to employees. He notes that, “…independent studies say that the cost of workers’ comp has come down dramatically since the 2011 reforms [but] the insurance companies aren’t passing it along”.

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