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Five killed after stage collapses at Indiana State Fair

Five people were killed Saturday night at the Indiana State Fair when a stage collapsed on to them while they waited for the band, Sugarland to perform.

There were nearly 12,000 people surrounding the stage even though a storm with a 60 to 70 mph winds was going on around them. Organizers at the state fair were determining whether the grounds should be evacuated because of the approaching storm when the incident occurred.

Officials with the National Weather Service estimated that organizers had at least 30 minutes before the storm blew in. Organizers made an announcement telling concert-goers that they may want to take cover from the storm, but not requiring them to evacuate.

There were conflicted reports on whether emergency sirens sounded to warn people or not. It was then that the stage toppled onto the crowed, trapping people underneath. As a result, four dozen people were transported to the hospital. Man were critically injured and four were pronounce dead on the scene. The fair will reopen on Monday, but will hold a moment of silent for those who were injured and killed.