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Florida workers’ compensation panel asks for creation of drug formulary

A state workers’ compensation advisory panel, called the Three-Member Panel, voted on Wednesday, January 4 to ask the Florida Legislature to look into creating a drug formulary to keep medical costs in check.

The panel lays down policies on reimbursements and payment levels for health care providers, pharmacists, and medical suppliers who work with workers’ compensation claimants. Even though Florida law lays down guidelines for carriers to respond to treatment requests, it in no way defines “respond,” Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation Assistant Director Andrew Sabolic said. He noted, “We can do better. Providers can do better. Carriers can do better. They both can be held more accountable for their actions.”

Florida lays down maximum reimbursement allowances for hospital outpatient services and services performed in ambulatory surgical centers. This process helped minimize costs, the document said, but the allowances are not applicable to every procedure, and there was no way to tell whether the outlier procedures were being billed appropriately.

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