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Illinois Governor Rauner references AG in workers’ compensation debacle

During a press conference on September 19, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner said “Even our attorney general [Lisa Madigan] who is a strong Democrat, she has said that we need causation in our workers’ comp system. That’s the No. 1 thing pushing our manufacturing jobs out of Illinois.”

Rauner has long been an advocate for lowering the rates of workers’ compensation to be paid by Illinois employers. A 23-page document issued in March 2012 by the Attorney General’s Office says “In defending against workers’ compensation claims, the State is in a position similar to private employers.” Said document, “Background on Workers’ Compensation Claims Filed by State Employees and Reforms Proposed by the Office of the Attorney General,” is filled with instances of companies needing to pay for high rates of workers’ compensation benefits due to employee negligence. One example is of an employee “injured when he threw himself up against a vending machine in an attempt to dislodge a bag of Fritos.”

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