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Illinois works on modernizing workers’ compensation filing systems

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is embarking on an endeavor to modernize 40-year-old paper filing systems; one lawyer said that such a move will bring only minimal improvements to the system as a whole, however.

Gene Keefe, a 30-year practitioner of civil litigation, is optimistic that the plan to invest in updated technology translates to true savings for the commission. However, he said that there are other problems within the system outside of antiquated technology, which include above-average costs to public and private employers in terms of workers’ compensation insurance, noting, “That has to do with how [injured workers] are managed; it doesn’t have to do with the commission itself.”

IWCC chairperson Joann Fratianni said the update, which will be done within five years and will include standardized electronic submission, decreased mailing costs, and improved data analytics and metrics, will be paid via the Workers’ Compensation Settlement Fund, which currently has $27 million.

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