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Jim Spiros Explains Free Consultations

At Spiros Law, P.C., we value transparency, meaning we want our clients to understand every step of the process without any confusion. To achieve transparency, we are honest about our legal fees. With the stigma about the high costs associated with hiring an attorney, it is important to us that our clients know what they will be paying and when payment will happen.

With any client or potential client, we offer a free consultation. A free consultation can be scheduled via phone call, text message, or email. Our consultation setting is then decided by the client. Recently, most of our consultations are on Zoom, but we still have some that are in person office visits, or even at home visits under extenuating circumstances.

Our free consultation will establish a few things. First, we will gather the details of your case. We will ask a variety of questions to understand your case more deeply. From there, we will gather personal information, such as contact information, referral source, potential medical history relating to the injury, and work status. The purpose of this consultation is to gauge what type of case this is and if our attorneys are the right fit to take this case further.

If we mutually decide that our law firm can take on your case, the next step is establishing a contingency basis for our legal fees. Working on a contingency means that our law firm will essentially front all costs until we recover a value for your injuries. Our legal fees come into play when we recover, meaning we take our fees directly out of the value you are awarded and if we do not recover any value, you are not billed for our time. At Spiros Law, P.C., we feel working on a contingency basis allows us to have the flexibility to take on clients who may not be able to pay an attorney up front, but still require legal help. After paperwork is signed establishing a contingency payment plan, we then get to work establishing an attorney client relationship, meaning we have access to the necessary medical and insurance information to properly represent your needs. Essentially, our attorneys start working on your case immediately.

Founding Partner Jim Spiros talks about our approach to free consultations, working on a contingency plan, and what that means on Podcast Pros. Tune in to hear a more in-depth explanation of our free consultations and payment from Jim Spiros.