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Labor supporters believe Rauner will work against them

Worker advocates in Illinois have expressed their fears regarding gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, a millionaire venture capitalist from Winnetka, claiming that the GOP candidate is bad for Illinois workers, Progress Illinois reported on September 22.

Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice member Mary Shesgreen said Rauner’s views would be detrimental to the labor sector in the state, as he has said in the past he wishes to reduce or eliminate the state minimum wage. The executive director of AFSCME Council 31 Roberta Lynch said he launched a campaign claiming unions are corrupt, although there is no evidence to support this allegation.

Rauner had said he plans to make changes to the state’s worker’ compensation laws, as 2011 legislation did not adequately rectify Illinois’ place as one of the least business-friendly states in the country.

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