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Lisa Madigan proposes nursing home security camera law

Lisa Madigan, Attorney General for the state of Illinois, has proposed a new law that would allow families to install video cameras and audio recording devices in the rooms of relatives who live in nursing homes and similar assisted living facilities. Madigan stated that she felt compelled to take action after hearing  complaints of abuse in nursing homes.

There isn’t a law that currently bans the use of such recording devices in nursing homes, but if the proposed law passes, residents, along with their roommates, would have to consent to being monitored before such devices could be installed in their rooms. Madigan argued that installing these devices would allow relatives of nursing home residents to check in on their loved ones and make sure they are being taken care of properly. Should the law pass, it will make Illinois the 6th state in country to pass this type of legislation.

Click here to read more about this proposal.

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