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Megabus accident in Indiana injures nineteen

A Megabus heading to Atlanta from Chicago crashed in Indiana injuring 19 passengers, according to The Daily Journal.

The accident occurred April 19 in Edinburgh, Indiana on Interstate 65. According to the Indiana State Police, the bus failed to brake in time to account for construction traffic stopped on the highway, slamming into the back of a commercial truck that was then forced into the two cars in front of it. One passenger recalled being thrown several rows forward on impact.

The bus sustained heavy damage, and 19 of the 65 passengers on board were taken to nearby hospitals to address their injuries. They are all expected to make a full recovery. Megabus spokesman Sean Hughes said that the safety of their passengers is their top priority and that they will do everything they can to cooperate with authorities in any further investigations into the accident.

This is the fourth Megabus crash in six months.