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National Safety Council and BROWZ unite to improve workplace safety

The non-profit National Safety Council, which is chartered by Congress, and BRONZ, a company that assesses workplace safety, will work hand in hand to make workplaces across the country safer by crafting initiatives based on the Journey to Safety Excellence principles.

According to national records, 5 million people are injured at work each year, while 11 die every day. The Journey to Safety Excellence, now on its 100th year, is a program that seeks to institute sound safety processes and procedures to ensure safety in the workplace while at the same time improving worker quality and performance.

NSC president and chief executive officer Deborah Hersman said companies should institute workplace safety measures to value the health of workers above profit.

Incurring workplace injuries can be a debilitating experience for a worker and may result in a loss of income that affects his or her family. If you have experienced something like this in Champaign, call the attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., today at (217) 328-2828.