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NFL to pay $765 million in brain injury lawsuit filed by former players

Thousands of former National Football League (NFL) players who suffered brain-related injuries will receive a share of the $765 million the league agreed to pay on Thursday, August 29. Court records state that the compensation agreement was the result of the NFL’s neglect of safety regarding its players and the dangers of head impacts during games.

Almost 5,000 past NFL players who filed the lawsuit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Federal Court will be awarded with the settlement, except those who are currently playing, which is yet to be decided by U.S. District Judge Anita Brody.

Acting as the chief plaintiff in the case, 44-year-old former Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots running back Kevin Turner, who suffered Lou Gehrig’s illness after 8 years of playing in the NFL, welcomed the deal, saying it would lessen the load on former players who are suffering from serious brain-related injuries.

The law gives individuals who have suffered brain-related injuries due to the negligence of others the right to receive compensation for medical expenses and other losses related to the injury. Speak with the lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C., about pursuing such a legal claim in Champaign if you too have suffered a brain injury or other health problem calling 217-328-2828.