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Champaign Porch Collapse Lawyers

A property owner may choose to add a porch to a structure in order to create usable space outdoors. This may be on the ground floor, using a porch as a slightly raised area for lounging furniture or meeting space. These porches can also be built on higher levels on a building to allow an elevated vantage point for guests. However, if these are not properly built or maintained, or if a property owner willfully violates load restrictions, a porch may collapse, endangering the safety of all persons on or underneath the porch.

A porch collapse can cause severe injuries. In many of these tragic situations, fatalities can occur as a result of the accident.

Causes of Porch Collapse

The persons who tread or sit on porches only encounter the surface and may not have reason to imagine that the structures are any more complicated. The reality, however, is that they depend upon structural support underneath the surface or in the form of a strong and secure attachment to the building. The following are some potential causes of porch collapse:

  • Rotted wood or the use of substandard materials
  • Broken or loose bolts and screws
  • Excessive weight or improper distribution of weight on a porch
  • Negligent maintenance

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