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Champaign Choking Hazard Lawyers

The toy and childcare product business is a massive industry, and a competitive one in which manufacturers are pressured to put out new and better products quickly for seasonal purchases. While many regulations are in place regarding the design, construction, and proper labeling of these products, it is not uncommon for a mistake to be made which allows a product to be released which poses a choking hazard to young children.

Without swift and decisive action choking incidents can lead to serious injury and death, all due to poor oversight by a toy maker. If your child has been harmed, we can help you to pursue appropriate financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. The committed and compassionate Champaign choking hazard attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., can provide you the guidance you need through your case.

Common Choking Hazards

Many products can create a choking hazard, which is not in and of itself a problem. It is when the toy maker fails to properly label the appropriate age group of the product that their negligence can directly result in injury or to advise that a particular toy may contain small or detachable parts which might lead to a choking incident. Choking hazards may be posed by such items as:

  • Removable parts, or parts which can be broken off easily
  • Small spherical objects such as marbles
  • Un-inflated or under inflated balloons
  • Plastic bags and other packing materials

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If your child has suffered an injury due to a dangerous or mislabeled toy or product, you are likely entitled to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages. Contact the Champaign choking hazard lawyers of Spiros Law, P.C., at 217-328-2828 to learn more about your legal options from a dedicated and aggressive legal representative.