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Champaign Permanent Disability Lawyers

At Spiros Law, P.C., we know that permanent disability is an incredibly difficult issue for workers in Champaign to have to deal with. A permanent disability can irrevocably alter the lives of not only the injury victim, but also their families. In addition to the limited mobility and life changes a victim must face, the financial costs of these types of injuries can be staggering, often including substantial medical expenses, income loss, and the costs of rehabilitative care. In these situations, workers’ compensation claims can be essential to helping injured workers and their families deal with the repercussions of a permanent disability.

Unfortunately, in some cases, insurance companies act to deny injured workers with permanent disabilities the compensation they deserve. When this happens, it is essential that injured workers have the assistance of a skilled legal representative in order to get what they deserve.

Types of Permanent Disability

While any type of permanent disability can be devastating, there are variations in the severity and type of permanent disability from which workers can suffer. These include:

  • Total permanent disability (TBD)
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD)

Regardless of which type of disability you have, getting workers’ compensation and benefits can be essential to your financial security and coping with the disability.

Contact a Permanent Disability Attorney in Champaign

If you have suffered a workplace injury resulting in permanent disability, our legal team at Spiros Law, P.C. might be able to help you get the compensation you are seeking. Contact us at 217-328-2828 today to learn more about filing a permanent disability claim and how we can help you fight against uncooperative insurance companies.