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Rauner’s ‘Turnaround Agenda’ to be decided in November

Illinois Governor Bruce Vincent Rauner’s “Turnaround Agenda”, introduced in 2015, seeks to reduce workers’ compensation rates by following a more stringent causation standard that would require employees to provide evidence that their injuries were caused by a job-related activity, provide a strict definition of a traveling employee, and lower medical fee schedule payments, among others.

Stephen Schneider, Midwest region vice president at the American Insurance Association in Deerfield in Lake County, said in a phone interview on Tuesday, July 5 that the fate of the Turnaround Agenda depends on “the result of this November’s election [in the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate]”.

Around 71 of the 118 seats in the House are owned by the Democrats, as well as 39 of the 59 seats in the Senate. However, all seats are up for election on November 8. Schneider said the current state of the workers’ compensation system in the state should not be a numbers game, noting, “We need to take the politics out of it and put the reform into it. With that, we’d make the Illinois workers compensation system more attractive and more beneficial to injured workers.”

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