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Lawsuits filed over faulty hip replacement products

Thirteen people in Illinois and Indiana have joined together to file a lawsuit against a hip replacement manufacturer company that produced a faulty product that required the patients to receive further surgeries.

The company, DePuy Orthopaedics, announced a voluntary recall last month of a hip resurfacing and replacement device that was available worldwide. The company said that 12 percent of patients that received this hip implant required a second hip replacement surgery.

The company also recalled another hip replacement product, but it was not used in the U.S. One patient who needed the second surgery said that she noticed something wrong after her first surgery when she began to hear a clicking sound while she walked.

Then it was found that her hip was “deteriorating from the inside” and the metal from the product was going into her tissue. This woman’s surgery was done at Carle Foundation Hospital where 300 other patients also received the same surgery. A hospital official said that 10 percent of the patients had to receive another surgery because of the faulty object.