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Semi Truck Crash Leads To Death Of One

On Saturday, October 30th one man was killed after two semitrailers collided near Interstate 74 in Mahomet, Illinois. One semi-truck was attempting to merge into the lane next to it when it collided with another semi-truck.

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of deaths in America to date. Driving has many variables; therefore, it is important to understand how to protect yourself from being a victim of a car collision. Although we cannot always correct the mistakes of other drivers around us, it is important to try to.

  1. Know the rules of the road.
  2. Pay attention to road signs.
  3. Drive on the defense, meaning be aware of other drivers around you and react to them.
  4. Limit the distractions around you.

The term “motor vehicle” can be used to reference cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles, and other vehicles powered by an engine. Being aware of the different sizes of these vehicles is necessary to understand each vehicles needs whilst in operation. A motorcycle or scooter will require less space during merges but may require more space in relation to other vehicles. Cars will be able to merge with a little more difficultly but are overall safer and can operate with less distance between them and other vehicles. A truck or a semitruck are the most difficult to maneuver. While operating a larger vehicle, it is important to pay attention to all road signs so you can be aware of the up coming changes to the road, as well understand what other drivers may be doing. Also, while operating a larger vehicle you may want to indicate your turn preference early to allow other vehicles time to change their positioning on the road.

Although there are many things we can control while driving, unfortunately there are many things we cannot control. We cannot control well other drivers drive. Sometimes we do all we can to protect ourselves and our passengers while driving, but it is still not enough. Sometimes other drivers fail to operate their vehicles correctly. Sometimes we are left in a situation where we are, or someone we love is, injured, or worse, at the fault of someone else. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a car crash that resulted in some type of injury, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Once you have been seen by a medical professional, you may be flooded with medical bills and insurance company claims that seem overwhelming. In this case, it is crucial to understand your options. Hiring an attorney that is well versed in motor vehicle collisions will allow you the proper time to heal from any injuries sustained while we deal with the many bills, claims and calls that may come your way. Call a Spiros Law, P.C. attorney experienced in motor vehicle crashes at [firm-number] to set up your free consultation today.