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Submission of AMA Impairment Rating Reports in Workers’ Comp Claims

In Continental Tire of the Americas, LLC v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Fifth Appellate Court ruled that the Commission is not required to make a judgment of a claimant’s supposition of an incident of workplace injury if the only evidence he has at hand is an AMA impairment rating report.

The appellate court noted that an AMA impairment rating is but one factor that the Commission can look at when examining an applicant’s claim, stating, “the statute does not require the claimant to submit a written physician’s report…it only requires that the Commission, in determining the level of the claimant’s permanent partial disability, consider a report that complies with subsection (a), regardless of which party submitted it.”

Subsection (a) states that “a physician licensed to practice in all of its branches preparing a permanent partial disability impairment report shall report the level of impairment in writing”.

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