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Three Casualties in I-57 Crash

The Coles County Chief Deputy Coroner Michael Bennett confirmed that a deadly crash on I-57 has resulted in the death of three people. Police are working to identify the victims and notify their families. According to reports, traffic had slowed to a stop due to an earlier incident. Due to the collision, vehicles were backed up for about five miles in I-57 south of Mattoon. A car approached the stopped traffic but failed to slow or stop for the backup. The driver of the car crashed into another car that was stopped in the backup causing a chain reaction. The initial car struck was forced into a semi-truck that was sitting in front of it. The trailer of the semi-truck was then forced into the left lane and collided with another semi-truck. It was reported that the first car also hit a 59-year-old driver from Charleston who then crashed into the back of yet another car. Details of the crash that caused the original backup have not yet been released and the details of the second, multi-vehicle, collision are still being reported on.

Hearing about these collisions and the resulting injuries and deaths is disheartening, especially because they are oftentimes avoidable. It is important to always remain focused on the road when driving and to abide by all speed limits in order to be prepared to come to sudden stops. It is all too common that distracted driving leads to catastrophic events. While it does not change the outcome of these events, working with an attorney to represent you or your family through these situations can bring many benefits. Allowing someone else to fight on your behalf allows you room and time to recover physically and emotionally, or to grieve any losses. The Spiros Law team is a group of fierce legal advocated who fight hard for your rights and for justice on your behalf but can also be a compassionate guide to help navigate what can be a very confusing process.

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