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Three major crashes within one hour

On Thursday, June 21, three major car crashes occurred in Champaign county within 45 minutes of each other.

The first occurred on Interstate 57 between Pesotum and Tuscola around 3:45 pm. The crash blocked both northbound lanes and slowed traffic for miles. Both a boat trailer and truck tractors were towed from the scene.

The second crash occurred around 4:15 pm on Interstate 74. Three vehicles collided between Lincoln Avenue and Neil Street on the inside shoulder of the highway. Some of the victims were injured.

The last crash happened only 15 minutes later, around 4:30 pm. This crash occurred on US Route 45 at the county line between Champaign and Douglas counties. It involved a rollover and resulted in injuries.

For more information on these accidents, continue to check our blog, or read more about the first, second, and third crashes at the News-Gazette.