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Wife of deceased company president awarded workers’ comp

The Illinois Appellate Court ruled that E. Belinda Bauer, widow of Omron Electronic Components LLC president and COO Craig Bauer, was awarded workers’ compensation benefits after her husband died due to an illness contracted on work travels, Business Insurance reported on November 18.

According to court documents, Mr. Bauer went to China and Japan in 2006 for a business meeting, returned to Illinois for work for one week, and then took another trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil for another business trip. Bauer died from Neisseria Meningitides two days after returning from a business trip in Brazil; this particular strain of the disease is more common in Brazil than other parts of the world, which helped his wife’s case during the appeals process.

An Illinois workers’ compensation arbitrator earlier rejected Mrs. Bauer’s workers’ compensation benefits claim, saying that she was not able to prove that Mr. Bauer’s death was caused by the business trip. The workers’ compensation helped cover funerary costs and medical expenses.

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