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Workers’ Compensation Issues in the 21st Century

According to an Illinois Policy article, the Illinois workers’ compensation program is outdated and in need of a revamp. For example, medical providers can charge 200% to 300% more for a procedure under workers’ compensation than it would cost under Medicare. These fee schedules increase expenses to employers while patients are over-treated, causing them to miss more days of work.

Workers’ compensation should also adapt to the dynamic conditions of the workplace in the 21st century and beyond. For instance, at the inception of workers’ compensation in the mid-20th century, a more traditional family scene was prevalent. A mere 30% of women in the United States were part of the work force. Today, more than 60% of all women in the country are working and have their own careers aside from having a family. The provisions of the modern workers’ compensation system should be geared towards accommodating societal changes such as this one.

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