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Dangerous Appliances

We expect the electrical appliances we use everyday to be safe. The law requires manufacturers to meet certain safety requirements before they are able to sell their products. Even if a particular manufacturer sells low-quality or unreliable products, there are basic standards of safety that should be adhered to. When these standards are not met, the well-being of consumers is put at risk.

A dishwasher that is prone to breaking down may be a minor hassle, but that is nothing compared to the problems that can result from a dishwasher that catches fire or electrocutes its users. Obviously the same applies to other electrical appliances, too: anything that plugs into an electrical outlet can cause serious harm or death if its manufacturer does not take the necessary steps to prevent short-circuits, overloads, and so forth.

Naturally there are many products that carry inherent risks, such as kitchen devices and power tools. Devices like blenders need to be powerful to fulfill their purpose, but that same power can cause harm if it is not kept under control. Although a rapidly spinning blade does not know the difference between a vegetable and a carelessly-placed human hand, the blender’s manufacturer is required by both law and common sense to ensure no injuries can result in the course of careful, responsible blending.

Manufacturer Liability for Defective Products

While manufacturers cannot be expected to account for the nearly-infinite array of reckless and dangerous behaviors which human creativity facilitates, they are always expected to make sure their product is safe for its intended use. When they fail to take these basic steps towards safety, the consumer stands to suffer.

If you have been seriously injured because of a dangerous or negligent appliance—or any other consumer product—the Champaign personal injury lawyers of Spiros Law can help you seek restitution for your unnecessary suffering.

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