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Defective Power Tools

Power tools are efficient when it comes to completing difficult construction tasks whether at home or on the job. In fact, this automated or power-assisted technology makes conventional hand tools all but obsolete. However, while the advantages of these convenient tools are undeniable, this increased performance also comes with greater risks. Frighteningly, a defective power tool can cause considerable injury to a user or bystander.

At Spiros Law, P.C., our experienced Champaign product liability attorneys are committed to helping the victims of personal injury accidents recover the compensation they deserve following an injury. If a defective power tool has caused you or a loved one to suffer an injury, contact our offices today at (217) 328-2828.

Common Types of Power Tool Defects

With a wide range of power tools on the market, there are a variety of ways in which a defective product can harm you. The following are a few examples of common power tool defects:

  • Misfiring nail guns
  • Loose blades in powered saws
  • Overheating motors
  • Insufficient safety guards

Any of these issues can result in serious injuries and expensive medical bills. At Spiros Law, P.C., we believe that the victim of the flawed power tool should not have to bear these costs alone.

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If you have suffered an injury caused by a defective power tool, you may be entitled to compensation for your ensuing medical expenses and other damages. For a free consultation to discuss the details of your case, contact a qualified Champaign product defect lawyer at Spiros Law, P.C., today at (217) 328-2828.